Periodontal disease can cause serious gum recession and eventually tooth and bone loss if you don’t get treatment. At the dental practice of Nicholas G. Rendon, DDS, in Vero Beach, Florida, Dr. Rendon offers the highly advanced Chao Pinhole® surgical technique to reposition your gum line and protect your teeth without using a scalpel or sutures. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

Who needs periodontal surgery?

If you’re part of the 50% of American adults suffering from gum disease, you may need periodontal surgery to prevent gum tissue loss, tooth loss, or bone loss.

Until recent times, patients who suffered from gum tissue loss had to go through gum graft surgery to restore their gums. Fortunately, there’s now a better way: the state-of-the-art Chao Pinhole surgical technique.

Dr. Rendon has specialized training in the Chao Pinhole procedure, and he’s the only certified Chao Pinhole surgery provider in Vero Beach, Florida.

What is the Chao Pinhole procedure?

The Chao Pinhole technique is a unique surgery that corrects gum recession. It requires no scalpel and no sutures. This procedure might be right for you if you want an advanced treatment for gum recession that doesn’t require a painful and complex surgery.

The Chao Pinhole technique is minimally invasive, and it offers instant results. You’ll have little to no downtime after your procedure, but you will need to follow aftercare instructions closely to avoid damaging your gums and to get the best long-term results.

How does Chao Pinhole surgery work?

First, Dr. Rendon administers a local anesthetic. Next, Dr. Rendon makes a tiny needle puncture in your recessed gums. He then uses specialized surgical instruments to shift nearby gum tissue to cover bare areas.

Dr. Rendon then places collagen strips between your teeth and gums to help the recently shifted gums remain in place while you heal. The whole procedure takes around 20-60 minutes depending on how many areas you need to treat.

How do I care for my gums after Chao Pinhole surgery?

Following your Chao Pinhole surgery, Dr. Rendon will give you aftercare instructions, which will likely direct you to:

  • Not brush at the surgical sites
  • Use a water flosser instead of dental floss
  • Rinse with your mouth open
  • Not smoke

Be sure to adhere to the instructions closely to get the best results from your Chao Pinhole surgery. By doing this, you’ll get a beautiful and functional gum rejuvenation that will last a long time.

Ready to rejuvenate your gums? Book a periodontal surgery consultation with Nicholas G. Rendon, DDS, online or by phone today.